Mobile Applications

Data Collection and Communication

Our smart phone applications are built to communicate with your data. The goal is to replace the expensive and clumsy field data collection tools with the convenience of mainstream mobile device technology:

  • (1) Connecting directly with business data.
  • (2) Searching and selecting data by smart phone GPS location.
  • (3) Conducting field inspections and maintenance with the minimum number of key strokes.
  • (4) Working off-line and re-synchronizing with the enterprise upon reentering phone service areas.
  • (5) Exploiting the combined nature of telephone, GPS, camera, and compact mobile computing within a single tool.


Our mobile tools are perfect for:

  • (1) Sign management systems.
  • (2) Highway structure inspections and photographic documentation.
  • (3) Manual surface preservation inspections and documentation.
  • (4) Building permit inspections