Key Personnel

Josephine R. Wyman
President and Chief Executive

Josie Wyman is a trained internal auditor and financial manager. As the president and chief executive officer of TGI Systems, she oversees payroll, human resources, and contract management. She is trilingual, with substantial international business experience including Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and the Philippines.

Max M. Wyman, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist

Dr. Max M. Wyman directs the design and development of tools that employ location to improve the performance of engineering, environmental, and socioeconomic systems. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Astronautics, a Master of Science in Building Design, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Economic Geography. He has managed technology projects in North America and China.

Michael J. Kuby, Ph.D.
Director of Mathematical Modeling

Dr. Kuby is a life-long specialist in mathematical modeling and the optimization of constrained systems. Special interests include model-driven technology choice, location analysis, and decision information in support of transportation network expansion. Recent work has centered on facility location for alternative fuel vehicles. He is the principal developer of the Flow-Refueling Location Model (FRLM), which locates a given number of stations on a network to maximize the traffic flow among origin-destination pairs that can be refueled or recharged given the driving range of alternative-fuel vehicles.