Raster Mapping

Rapid Display of Spatial Data

Transitional GIS employs directed line segments, vectors, to build maps for spatial information. Although this method is accurate and robust, its technology is too slow for most internet mapping purposes. Raster mapping employs a set of pre-drawn images to accelerate the web map experience. The complication of this approach is designing the map to ensure the user can find the information of interest, and the production of the raster images themselves. Such raster data stores can ready several terabyte in size. TGI System is expert in the designs of the ultra-fact mapping tools and possesses the knowledge to develop and organize the required multi-terabyte data stores.

Point Data Simplification

A side benefit of raster mapping is the rapid plotting of point vector data. This implies direct mapping of latitude and longitude points without the heavy-handed requirements of spatial data middleware. Using this paradigm offer a wholesale simplification of back-end spatial data management.