TGI Systems employ innovative designs and methods when addressing information design and business processes optimization. These techniques are based on years of staff experience, with our skills cutting through legacy and convention to expose the naked building blocks of the best solution.

Property Tax and Banking

Property Tax and Banking Systems

TGI Systems is developing property tax and banking systems designed to State of Arizona practices. This web-based approach employs a spatial-data backbone and state-of-the-art graphic interface for ease-of-use and high operator situational awareness.

Raster Map

Raster-Based Mapping

Raster mapping is an extremely fast internet mapping tool which TGI Systems is expert in design and build. Such tools offer an effective solution to assessor and treasury information dissemination when coupled with a parcel backdrop and other supporting spatial data.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Porting corporate data through smart phones provides a productivity revolution. TGI staff formulate phone apps which select data via location, employ streamlined data entry tools and make the most of time in field with a minimum of office work upon return.

Who We Are

An imaginative business design group with exceptional technical skills

The primary service of TGI Systems is the formulation of integrated business approaches from the bottom and up. Integration must be systemic, and this implies a tight weave within the basic fabric—regardless of how that cloth is intended to be employed. Integration always takes its own form—presenting a final sum which is far greater that its collection of its once separate parts.

What We Do

Major hubs for seeding integration

  • Property tax collection
  • Building permits and community development
  • Highway information and work management
  • Raster web maps and spatial data design
  • Total business system integration

New TGI Applications

Utility and innovation

  • Parcel Genealogy
  • Code Enforcement
  • Direct Parcel Addressing